UT 110

UT 110

UT 110 is the new crawler tool carrier, specialized for vineyards.

The strength of the components, the very low centre of gravity, the traction force, the great manoeuvrability and the cab comfort make the UT 110 the best solution to operate in narrow row spacing and on steep slopes.

The pressurized cab, with air conditioning and activated carbon filtering system, protects the operator from dust, heat and chemicals spray.



Diesel engine VM-R754 IE4, 4 cylinder, turbo intercooler, common rail, displacement 3000 cc, max. power 80 kW @ 2600 rpm, max. torque 420 Nm @ 1000 rpm. Fuel tank capacity: 65 litres.


UT 110 is equipped with an hydrostatic heavy duty transmission. The speed is continuously variable from 0 to 8 km/h through a joystick with electronic control and cruise control function.

The rubber tracks are driven by radial piston motors giving the maximum torque immediately at the start to have the maximum traction force even on bad soil conditions.

The PTO is mechanically driven and engaged with electro-magnetic clutch. The full engine power is available through the PTO.


Laser cut chassis in high strength steel AHSS (Advanced High Strength Steel), totally closed in the lower part. Surface treatments of cataphoresis and powder painting.


The hydraulic three point linkage category I is provided with floating position and fixing hooks adjustable in width.  The lifting capacity is 900 kg.

The three point linkage is equipped with pivoting front bar: the hydraulic rotation of the hook bar, in floating position, allows free movements of the implements to perfectly suit the ground contour, independently from the position of the machine.


UT 110 is provided with pressurized and sound proof cab with air filtering system, air conditioning and heating.

CAT. 4 protection level is available as option.

The operator seat, with automatic setting of the pneumatic suspension, can be tilted to allow a comfortable driving position also in steep working conditions.

The cab is equipped with front and rear double LED lights to allow night work and is ROPS certified.

The operator controls two joysticks: one to move and steer the machine with also the possibility to counter-rotate the tracks, and one to control the linkage and the hydraulic auxiliary power supply.


UT 110 can be equipped with an electronic control mooring security winch with 200 m of cable, negative brakes and automatic synchronization to the speed of the machine.

The tension of the cable can be continuously adjusted by the driver through a potentiometer according to different working conditions.


The special design of UT 110 allows to fit directly on the chassis big implements such as sprayer, grape harvester, pruner, container for materials transport, etc.

In this way these implements are directly loaded on the rubber tracks thus reducing the total length of the machine with very important benefits in stability compactness and manoeuvrability.

It is also possible to use other standard implements such as mulchers or soil working machinery fixed to the hydraulic linkage.


One special implement is the integrated grape harvester, developed to mechanize the harvest in terraced or steep slope vineyards. This harvester is highly appreciated for the quality of the grapes, which result clean, without any leaves or damages to the berries. The stainless steel grape container, with capacity 650 litres, can be hydraulically unloaded.

The total width of the machine of 1.20 m allows to harvest vineyards with minimum row spacing of 1.60 m both on terraced and steep slope vineyards, with longitudinal steepness up to 75%.

The harvesting speed is up to 4.5 km/h with an excellent efficiency. All harvesting parameters can be adjusted and controlled by the computer in front of the driver.


  • Single lever driving joystick with integrated command buttons.
  • Possibility of counter-rotation of rubber tracks.
  • Cruise control function.
  • Memory store of two different speed according to the working directions.
  • Automatic brake engagement when the driving joystick is in neutral position and when the Diesel engine is off.
  • Single lever joystick with integrated command buttons for hydraulic services.
  • Adjustable armrest with integrated command switches.


  • Two independent oil tanks for driving system and hydraulic services to avoid contaminations.
  • Total oil capacity: 65/80 litres.
  • 5 double effect hydraulic outlets.
  • 2 double effect hydraulic outlets with floating function.
  • Adjustable oil flow outlet for hydraulic motors driving.
  • Max oil flow for hydraulic services: 35 l/min.
  • Max oil pressure for hydraulic services: 180 bar.


  • Mechanically driven PTO with electro-magnetic clutch 540 rpm.
  • Three point linkage category I with double effect hydraulic rams.
  • Max lifting capacity of 900 kg.
  • Hydraulic rotation of the hook bar.
  • Floating position to allow free movements of the implements on the soil.
  • Hydraulic top link.


The new generation of reinforced rubber tracks grant high strength and low ground pressure, thanking to a contact surface of more than 1.25 square meters.

The pivoting rollers suspensions let the rubber tracks to constantly follow the ground surface, thus allowing the best driving comfort and traction force.


Length [cm] 320
Height [cm] 265
Width [cm] 122 – 140
Track width [cm] 32
Weight [kg] 2950