Andreoli Engineering is located in the province of Modena, in the heart of the Motor Valley in Emilia, Italy.

Since 1954 we design, produce and market professional agricultural machinary all over the world:

• Self-propelled sprayers
• Trailed sprayers
• Mounted sprayers
• Crawler tractors
• Harvesting machines
• Machines for chemicals test on field

Our design philosophy is focused on maximum quality, strength and reliability.

We work for continuously improving our products, always granting maximum performance and safety for the operator and the environment.

We invest in research and development, offering high technology and efficient products.

We have a close cooperation with customers and dealers, to offer always better and easy to use products.

We offer a strong and reliable worldwide after sale service network.


We offer a customized design for every client, building special machines to satisfy specific needs.


We continuously invest in the development of our products, using the latest technologies, to offer innovative, powerful and efficient machines.


We build every machine using best quality materials, superior high strength steel and the most reliable components to grant best performance over time. We offer a reliable worldwide after sale service network.


The company was founded in 1954.

The founder started from the marketing of spray pumps and later manufacturing trailed and mounted mist blower sprayers.

The technical skill of the founder oriented the production, since the beginning, towards the extreme quality, the reliability and the innovation.

In 1980 was designed and manufactured the first series of self-propelled sprayers ATOM providing a full protection of the driver with a pressurized cab, equipped with air-conditioning and air filtering system.

ATOM was a real turning point for the spraying technology all over the world.

In 1981 was designed and manufactured in the company the first revolutionary automatic controller of spray rates, DOSATRONIC, granting extremely precise delivery of the chemicals on vegetation independently from driving speed through simple operator controls.

DOSATRONIC is a masterpiece of electronic engineering and a milestone in precision farming technologies.

In 1990 the company started the manufacturing of the multi-purpose caterpillar tractors series UT, characterized by compact dimensions, high manoeuvrability and powerful transmission.

UT is the best solution for operations in vineyards with narrow rows and high slopes, granting high power and operator safety.

In 1995 begins the manufacturing of the multi-purpose wheeled tractor TRACATOM.

Due to its highly innovative concept with compact dimensions suitable for working under low canopy orchard, in 2001 TRACATOM received the Technical Innovation Award by UNACOMA on the EIMA exhibition.

In 2009 the company presents the new version of the trailed boom sprayer series ALBATROS, result of an extraordinary research in the design and in the adoption of special high strength steel.

The ALBATROS design has been awarded in the International Swedish Steel Prize in Stockholm.

In 2015 it is manufactured ATHENA, the first self-propelled crawler machine specific for the olive harvesting in intensive espalier orchards.

ATHENA is the results of years of research and development on field. Thanks to its variable geometry harvesting units ATHENA perfectly adapts to the olive trees vegetation, detaching the olives while preserving branches integrity.

In 2016 starts the production of UT110, technical evolution of UT crawler tractor series, coupled with a specific designed grape harvester.

The unique technical features of UT110 allow soil tillage, chemicals application and grape harvesting on steep slopes and terraces.

The company is projected into the future with continuous investments in research and development, making innovation its guiding star.

The improvement of existing product lines is followed by new projects that arise from the specific needs of customers.

The development of ventilation systems for sprayers is also continuing, applying numerical optimization algorithms combined with the most advanced CFD techniques for fluid dynamics simulation.