ATOM 4000 LT / 1000 GAL

ATOM 4000 LT / 1000 GAL

ATOM 4000 is the top-range self-propelled sprayer designed for large orchards.

ATOM 4000 ensures top performances and best driving comfort in spraying operations.

ATOM 4000 main features are:

  • Big tank capacity 4000 liters (1000 gallons)
  • Powerful engine and transmission
  • Powerful blower system
  • Large roomy cab for best driving comfort
  • Cab with Category 4 top level protection
  • Combined suspensions systems hydraulic / pneumatic

Thanks to its big tank capacity and autonomy, maneuverability, powerful blower system and driving comfort, ATOM 4000 safely performs spraying operations at high speed in all conditions.



FPT, diesel, max power 103 kW, EPA CARB Tier 4 Final / Stage 5.


Continuous hydrostatic transmission.
4 wheel drive.
4 wheel steer.
Heavy-duty mechanical axles.
Limited Slip on both axles.
Blower fan and chemicals pump engagement through electro-magnetic clutches.


AHSS steel (Advanced High Strength Steel).
Hot galvanisation.
ROPS structure.


Hydraulic suspensions on axles with automatic electronic control of position.

The system always keeps the suspensions in best position to ensure maximum comfort in all conditions.


Cab pneumatic suspensions with airbags and shock absorbers.


Hydrostatic brake.

Hydraulic oil immerged discs service brake.

Hydraulic park brake.


Cab body in stainless steel. Big cab volume and best visibility.

Pressurized cab, Category 4 protection level.

Cab air filter Category 4, easy access to filter for maintenance.

Pneumatic seat with automatic adjustment. Passenger seat. Adjustable steer column.

Air conditioning, heating. Full automatic A/C controls.

Stainless steel  front roll bar for windscreen protection.


Joystick for forward/reverse and speed control.

Switches for nozzles controls directly on main joystick.

Electric pressure regulation with switch.

Digital display for tank level and working pressure.

7” color display for multiple cameras IR.


Digital display for spray rates parameters.

Digital display for nozzles clogging detection.

Computer for automatic spray rates management.

GPS guidance systems.

Interface system GPS/computer for automatic spray rates management.

Sonar system for automatic nozzles sections control and target detection.


Reinforced fiberglass tank with inside protective layer.

  • Capacity 4000 litres.
  • Inside baffle anti-rolling.
  • Flush tank.
  • Hand wash tank.


Diaphragm pump, brass manifolds and heads. Pump flow up to 260 liters/min, 50 bar (68 US gal/min, 725 PSI).

Possible spray rates low – medium – high: from 100 to 10’000 l/ha (from 11 to 1100 gal/acre)

Double filtering system: suction filter + pressure in-line filters.

Double hydraulic tank agitation system, triple + double flow, for a perfect agitation of chemicals mixture.


Available front and rear nozzles manifolds.

2, 4, 6 or 8 independent nozzles sections.

  • Double or triple no-drip nozzles.
  • Long range jets.
  • Adjustable cone nozzles.
  • Anti-drift tips.
  • Flood jets for use with fertilizers or for watering purposes.


VAC 997 system, all stainless steel.

Adjustable blades pitch and strong blades mounting.

Clean front suction, which avoids chemicals recirculation and leaves/debris suction.

Double back outlet, using 100% of fan surface to reach the top of vegetation.

Unique high efficiency guide vanes system to correct air direction.

Strong airflow with maximum power directed to the highest portion of vegetation.

Perfectly symmetric outflow air pattern and strong resistance against drift.

Top/bottom adjustable flaps.

VAC 997

Standard equipment:

  • Fan diameter 997 mm with 12 blades and variable pitch
  • Blower air outflow 152000 m3/h
  • 11+11 double no-drip nozzles on front rings


  • Supplementary rear rings of nozzles
  • Triple nozzles
  • Lower adjustable flaps with 2+2 double no-drip nozzles
  • Adjustable cone nozzles and long-range nozzles for height trees

Suitable for:

  • Avocado, walnuts and height trees in general
  • Fruit orchards with dense vegetation
  • High working speed


Standard equipment:

  • Fan diameter 997 mm with 12 blades and variable pitch
  • Blower air outflow 152000 m3/h
  • 9+9 double no-drip nozzles on front rings
  • Lateral orientation of the air outlet
  • Adjustable flaps in the top


  • Supplementary rear rings of nozzles
  • Triple nozzles
  • Lower adjustable flaps with 2+2 double no-drip nozzles

Suitable for:

  • Fruit orchards with dense vegetation in espalier
  • High working speed


It is possible to fill main tank and flush tank by handy fill-up points with quick connectors and safety valves.

It is also possible to suck mixed chemicals by a dedicated quick connector.

It is also available a centrifugal pump with flow up to 400 litres/min to quickly perform water/chemicals suction and tank filling.

A handy ladder enables direct access to top tank lids and to the integrated chemicals mixer.

The ladder is easy to take off.


Length [cm] 598
Height [cm] 225
Width outside wheels [cm] 215
Width outside machine body [cm] 190
Steering radius max [cm] 424
Tires Radial 425/55 R17