VAC Blower System

VAC System

New range of VAC (Velocity Angle Continuous Correction) blowers, fully stainless steel, with innovative high efficiency swirl correction system.

VAC has been designed by Andreoli Engineering in cooperation with the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Modena University, using special CFD software for 3D fluid-dynamic simulations.

VAC has a unique air swirl correction system, a series of fixed guide-vanes with a special design.

CFD simulations produced the detailed analysis of the field of the air movement through the fan and the air conveyor, allowing designing the best shape and layout of the guide vanes and the components of the system.

Special guide vanes avoid impacts on the flow; large curves and gradual connections avoid turbulences and increase the efficiency of the blower to the maximum values.
The reduction of the pressure losses through the air conveyor enables the fan to work in the best point of its characteristic curve, where fan efficiency reaches its maximum.

The increase of blower efficiency means a reduction of power required and a reduction of noise.

VAC has front air suction with a large suction area: it avoids chemicals recirculation and suction of leaves and dust.

VAC has a double air outlet: the flow generated by the bottom part of the fan is recovered and directed to the top of the vegetation. In this way, the 100% of the fan airflow is used to directly reach the target, without losses, with a uniform air pattern at all heights of vegetation.


  • Perfect symmetry of distribution right and left sides.
  • Reduction of pressure losses and consequently increase of the air volume generated by the fan.
  • The blower generates a large air volume, directed to the target, with medium air velocity not excessive. Chemical droplets are therefore perfectly carried, avoiding the risk of drying up along their way to the target.
  • Increase of fan efficiency and reduction of the power absorbed.
  • Possibility of slowing down the revs of the fan (with the same air volume) and reducing the power required and the noise.
  • Reduction of the fuel consumption.
  • Possibility to direct the airflow exactly to the target, eliminating useless flows to the ground and increasing the airflow to the top parts of the vegetation. Best stability of the flow against wind drift.
  • Reduction of chemicals waste and pollution.>

VAC 896

The standard blower for medium/high vegetation with high density. Fan 896 mm, 12 blades. 2 nozzles sections.

Suitable for all types of vegetation.


Low profile blower. 2 / 4 nozzles sections. Fan 896 mm, 12 blades. Special extra flaps and special design of the blower.

Specifically designed for low and wide vegetation: kiwi, tunnel, etc.


Tower shaped blower. 2 / 4 nozzles sections. Fan 896 mm, 12 blades. It allows best position of all nozzles, increasing efficiency and precision of spray application. Top adjustable flaps drive airflow to the sides, for a targeted application. It reduces chemicals waste.

Suitable for espalier vegetation.

VAC 997

Big diameter blower. 2 / 4 nozzles sections. Fan 997 mm, 16 blades, high efficiency.

Suitable for very high vegetation: walnuts, avocado, etc.