SIMPLEX blower system

SIMPLEX blower system

The patented system SIMPLEX® is the most efficient, innovative and powerful centrifugal blower for a targeted chemicals application designed by  Andreoli Engineering.

SIMPLEX was designed by Andreoli Engineering in cooperation with the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Modena University, using special CFD software for 3D fluid-dynamic simulations.


The  simulations CFD have made a detailed analysis of the field of the air movement through the fan, the air conveyor and the outlets, allowing the best design of all the components of the system.

SIMPLEX is equipped with an air conveyor having a very special symmetric geometry  of the outlets.

This symmetry allows the same air volume on all the outlets, thus reducing to the minimum the losses and increasing the air volume.

The aerodynamic design of the central air conveyor allows to canalize the flow without collisions and start of turbulences.  The increase of efficiency of the fan allows to reach high values of air volume.

SIMPLEX has an even air flow on all the outlets, thus ensuring a perfect symmetry and the best uniform application on the total height of the target.

The high efficiency of the blower reduces drastically the power absorbed and consequently the tractor's fuel consumption.

SIMPLEX has a front air suction, thus avoiding the re-circulation of chemicals mist and the suction of leaves and dust.

The  SIMPLEX system is equipped by a set of outlets, all adjustable in height, width and inclination, that enables the sprayer to make an extremely targeted and uniform application close to the vegetation.

SIMPLEX adaptability to the vegetation's geometry  reduces  drastically the drift and the waste of chemicals and increases the efficiency of a perfect covering.


  • Symmetry of the air volume to right and left sides.
  • Reduction of the pressure loss, consequently increase of the air volume generated by the blower.
  • Increase of the efficiency of the fan and consequently reduction of the power absorbed.
  • Possibility to reduce the speed of the fan (with the same air volume), thus reducing the power required and the noise level.
  • Reduction of the fuel consumption.
  • Possibility to direct the air flow exactly to the target, avoiding chemicals drift and reducing pollution.
  • Great stability of the air flow against the wind drift.

Applications type schemes

  • The following schemes are the result of several measures of the air velocity, made by a Pitot instrument.
  • The diagrams show the air distribution on the air outlets of the  SIMPLEX system, in different configurations.
  • It is evident the total symmetry of the air flow and the capacity to direct the flow only and exactly to the application's target

Simplex for canopy

Simplex for espalier   

Simplex for narrow espalier