1954 Mario Fantini, the founder of the company, begins selling the spray pumps Troyer. In the next years he started to manufacture the first trailed sprayers

The first company extension was made to manufacture trailed and mounted mist blower sprayers. The technical skill of the founder orients the production, since the beginning, towards the extreme quality, the reliability and the innovation.

1980 A definitive development of the company is made by ing. Giovanni Andreoli designing the first series of the self-propelled sprayer Atom with a full protection of the driver. This was a real turning point of the company as, since that time, the sales started all over the world.
  The first computer DOSATRONIC is designed and manufactured for the automatic control of the spray rates.

The company name becomes Fantini e Ing. Andreoli. More extension of the company is made for the production of the self-propelled sprayers.

1990 The company designs and begins manufacturing the multi-purpose crawler tractors series UT, compact and powerful.
1994 The evolution, in the performance of the blowers, continues with the design of the ECO ARI: the advanced system with front air suction and volume recovery
1995 The company begins manufacturing the multi-purpose tractors series TRACATOM and FORMULA TRAC
1998 Fantini ing. Andreoli gets the Prize for the internationalization of the company  
2000 The company name becomes Andreoli Engineering srl
  The company wins the “Business Excellence Award”.  
2001 UNACOMA gives a Technical Award for the design and manufacture of the tractor TRACATOM very new for its compact dimensions suitable to the work under low vegetation  

The passion for innovation is shared with the three sons Francesco, Federico and Enrico. Andreoli Engineering begins using methodology CFD three dimensions for the analysis of the air outflow and the design of the air conveyors of the sprayers.
The company starts the production of the blowers series VAC with high efficiency

  Andreoli Engineering starts the design of advanced olive self-propelled harvesters.  
2006 Thanks to the technology CFD is designed the new advanced sprayer SIMPLEX, with a special new air conveyor that allows a perfect even symmetrical application, a drastic reduction of the drift and the possibility to adapt the air outlets and nozzles to the shape of vegetation
  The company starts the production of self-propelled olive harvesters  
2008 Andreoli Engineering makes one more extension doubling his shads
2009 The company presents the new version of the trailed boom sprayer series ALBATROS result of an extraordinary research in the design and in the adoption of special high strength steel  

Andreoli Engineering wins in Stockholm the international Swedish Steel Prize for the design of the ALBATROS sprayer. It says " The receiver of the Swedish Steel Prize has put to use, in an intelligent and innovative way, the potential of modern, high strength steel for creating something new and better to the benefit of industry and society".

2010 The company manufactures the last series of the TRISTAR, the special sprayer for applications to three rows at the same time  
2011 Andreoli Engineering starts the production of the last version of the blowers VAC series with very high efficiency and completely made in stainless steel

The self-propelled sprayer Atom series is updated with very innovative technical contents and the optimized new VAC blower. The production of the new series Atom starts.

2012 The cooperation between Andreoli Engineering and the University of Modena continues for the design and the optimization of the blowers, thanks to the most advanced techniques CFD of fluid-dynamic simulations.
2013 The production of the ATOM 3500 and ATOM 2000 AUSTRALIA series of large self-propelled sprayers begins.
2014 The VAC release 2014 conveyors with optimized guiding vanes design, is introduced on the sprayers.
2015 The company presents ATHENA, the first self-propelled crawler continuous harvester for intensive olive orchards.
2016 The company starts the production of UT110, the technological evolution of the UT series of crawler multipurpose operating machines. UT 110 can be equipped with grape harvester for steep slope or terraced vineyards.
The Research & Development in blowing systems for the first time in Agriculture applies numerical optimization algorithms to CFD simulations to analyze and improve the air flow through the conveyors.