FORMULA TRAC Multipurpose Tractor

FORMULA TRAC Multipurpose Tractor

Formula Trac is the multipurpose tractor, low profile, powerful, having a great stability, very compact dimensions and full protection for the driver.   

Formula Trac is the ideal tractor for the use under canopy and low orchards with all the implements such as sprayer, mower etc. Thanks to its specifications and performances Formula Trac can work on steep slopes in orchards, in forest management and green maintenance.


Diesel, 4 cylinder, turbo intercooler, max power  70 kW


  • Chassis completely laser cut
  • AHSS steel (Advanced High Strength Steel).
  • Completely belly protected
  • Electro-phoresys treatment and powder paint


  • AHSS steel structure   ROPS compliant
  • Pressurized cab with air filtering, conditioning, heating, sound-proof for the total protection of the driver
  • All remote controls. Adjustable steer wheel
  • Joystick with switches to control the lifts and the auxiliary hydraulic power take off
  • Pneumatic seat


  • Four wheel drive and steer
  • The driver can select three mode wheel hydraulic steering: front wheel steer, four wheel steer in counter-phase, four wheel in phase (crab steer) to drive on lateral slope or on slippery ground
  • Heavy duty hydrostatic transmission with variable displacement motor and automatic control of the torque
  • Four ranges of speed:4  0-6 km/h | 0-10 km/h | 0-20 km/h | 0-35 km/h
  • Heavy duty axles
  • Hydrostatic brake system, negative immerged brakes, emergency and parking brake
  • Diff. lock  100% on both axles on request
  • Formula Trac can work on slopes over  60%

Power take off

Front and rear PTO, 540 RPM


Front and rear lift, max. load on hooks: 2000 kg

Hydraulic floating position

AGC system (Automatic Ground Contour). The front lift is available with AGC system and pivoting hook bar: the hydraulic rotation of the hooks with floating position, allows the free movementof the implement both in height and in rotation, to follow exactly the ground contour

Hydraulic auxiliary power supply

Double hydraulic front and rear power supply, max. oil flow:  35 litres/min


15.0-55.17; 31x15.50-15