self-propelled ATOM Disinfection

ATOM Self-propelled Sprayer for industrial disinfection

ATOM is the specific machine for the professional management of industrial farm disinfection operations (poultry industry, etc.).

ATOM offers the driver a full protection. The cab is pressurized, protected with specific filters disinfectants, dust, vapors and aerosol proof. Cab protection level: CLASS 2 4 according to EN15695-1:2009.

The compactness and maneuverability of the machine allow spraying disinfectants with total safety in very low situations and small places.

ATOM, thanks to its powerful blower and exclusive distribution system, ensure a complete coverage of all walls and floor. ATOM can spray at the same time floor, walls and roof of buildings.

ATOM allows spraying in dark conditions, thanks to its LED lighting system.

The total height of the machine (cab included) is adjustable from 136 cm and 150 cm.

Special equipment

  • Last generation of VAC system, specific for disinfecting spray applications. Ensures a powerful spray in all directions.
  • Diaphragm pump with brass heads and manifolds, volumes available: 125/160/185/220 l/min, 50 bar. Special diaphragms, specific for disinfecting products.
  • Electric pressure regulator
  • Floor washing system.
  • Wheels washing system.
  • Adjustable spray cone nozzles.
  • Chemicals suction system.
  • Stainless steel hose reel with hand gun for disinfection of small rooms.
  • Back camera with LCD colour display.
  • LED work lights.

Technical data and dimensions

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